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Driver’s Seat VR + 360 Experience

INFINITI / Dream Roads and Driver's Seat

Pebble Beach is the Westminster Dog Show of automotive events. It’s the perfect stage to remind people who Infiniti is. In a category that makes the car hero, we’ve set out to make the driver hero. And at an event focused on the past, we will look to the future. So at the 2015 Pebble Beach Automotive Week, we created two immersive virtual reality experiences to create a loophole that put guests behind the wheel of the Q60 and the QX30 concept cars. It was the first time that 360 and VR were merged into one experience. The films could be experienced at home through both Google Cardboard-enhanced mobile app and the first ever YouTube 360 automotive ads, ensuring that viewers everywhere would be able to experience these cars the way they were meant to be experienced – from the driver’s seat.

And in 2017, we created the Soul of the machine - an immersive VR art piece where the new QX50 assembled itself around drivers as they approached a solitary race seat - while on the main video wall, we built a kinetic video experience, where the elements of the engine responded to your movements. At Pebble, people always get to see the shiny, brand-spanking new vehicles and classics – they rarely get to be immersed in it.

Infiniti "Dream Roads" Case Study

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