Executive Creative Director.


In October, 2014 CP+B won the luxury automotive account, Infiniti. This was the largest account win for the agency to date. It grew our global network and opened doors to pitch on other global accounts. As ECD and part of the core leadership team on the pitch, I went on to creativity lead the account. Our first task was to make Infiniti a true player in the luxury automotive sector. They didn’t have a product problem, they had a visibility problem. We had to find a unique way in to get noticed. So while the other luxury car makers talked about powerful cars, we decided to celebrate powerful drivers, thereby positioning Infiniti to a new audience - we pushed off traditional notions of old luxury, and empowered drivers to start their own legacy. 

Infiniti "Legacy"

Infiniti "Vacation"

Infiniti "Driving Test"

Infiniti "New Tradition"

Infiniti "X-Side"